I joined Carys ( at the beginning of August to photograph the wedding of Lauren and Saman at the Village Hotel in Liverpool (  It was my first trip to the hotel – closer to Knowsley than the centre of Liverpool.  It was pretty easy to find, the staff were very attentive and I like a venue where everyone can get ready, be married and then celebrate all at the same place.
I arrived to the suite the 5 girls (including the bride) were getting ready in which was filled with excited chatter and anticipation.  After getting a few shots of the girls getting ready, I left Carys and headed down to the bar to meet Saman and the arriving guests.  What was going on down there was some hugging, laughing, tie adjusting and a few drinks as well.
When they finally saw each other, Lauren and Saman looked so happy.  The ceremony -and the speeches which followed – were short but very, very sweet.  Carys found a nice place for some group shots with a covered bench and some shade and it was dry.  Happy days.  Once everyone sat down for dinner, we escaped to the bar for our food and had a chance to reflect on the day and formulate a plan for the remainder!
The Kurdish dancing that preceded the official first dance was very entertaining and looked like so much fun I wished I was a participant too! Often at weddings it takes a while for people to “warm up” and get up dancing but this was not the case here… Everyone walked into the room and then straight onto the dance floor.  Even guests who had never seen (never mind participated in) Kurdish dancing were up smiling, whistling and laughing once they figured out how it all worked.
I like to try out a few different things at each wedding I photograph.  This time it was a bit of a gear trial with a camera clip which fitted onto my belt.  It sounds pretty simple but the Peak Design Capture Pro ( really did the job I wanted it to.  It kept the camera super handy while, unlike my current harness, didn’t allow the camera to jingle jangle about. I think I might need to do a complete switch from my harness to these clever little things.
Here are some of my pictures from the day.  As usual, the kids were in danger of stealing the day from the bride and groom…  They almost managed it but not quite! 😉