After the success of this summer’s Dog Days photo shoots, we held another event a few weeks ago with a bit of a twist. It was Dog Days in the same format as the summer one but with a Coffee Morning attached!  So you bring along your dog for a picture and eat some cake at the same time.  What could be better than that…?

Each of the dogs that came helped to make the event a success on two fronts: financially for Wirral Animal Sanctuary and creatively for me by presenting me a great opportunity to capture the personalities of these unique dogs. As always there was a certain amount of chaos associated with each of our visitors…

With this in mind, here is a Best of Dog Days tribute to the dogs from the most recent Dog Days event.  Thanks to all those who came along, brought their furry family to visit, ate cake and supported the great work of Wirral Animal Sanctuary.  If you want to check out more of the pictures from the event, have a look here:

Biggest poser – Zak


Zak arrived at Melrose Hall full of his excitement and very keen to have his picture taken. After being slightly worried about the flashes, a big red squeaky rubber tongue seemed to calm his nerves.  And why wouldn’t it, I say!

Most crazy – Harvey and Kali


You know when there is a springer spaniel involved (Harvey) everything is going to get a little crazy. Throw into the mix a collie (Kali) along with her slight obsession to be next to, play with, jump on (etc etc) said Springer and craziness is taken to a new level.

Best yoga pose – Skye


When Skye demonstrated a down dog yoga pose directly in front of me, her family told me that this is her way of saying that she liked me. Well I was rather fond of you too, Skye!  Skye is also going to make a great Ms December in the Wirral Animal Sanctuary calendar in 2018.

Biggest fluff – Scruffy


Disguised underneath all that lovely black fluff was a little skinny puppy body.  I could have cuddled Scruffy all day.

Best on two legs – Bella


Bella showed us plenty of her belly when she came in for her session.  She loved getting up on two legs and I couldn’t resist giving her a tickle.  She also loved giving out a few sneaky kisses.

Best dancer – Minnie


Minnie had some great moves – I wish I’d had some music for her when she came in.  She had a great spin and also loved  dance with her front legs.

Best love tap – Rossi


After jumping over the top of me (well – I suppose I was in the way really), Rossi pawed my head in an effort to encourage me to play. Sorry I couldn’t oblige, Rossi – I had very important work to do to make sure I got a good picture of you and your ears….

Best heavyweight team – Gomez and Otis


Weighing in at 12 stone, Gomez was the largest dog I’ve photographed. And the slightly smaller Otis wasn’t far behind in size.  Despite challenging the natural limitations of our studio space, they were both gentle giants and are welcome to come back for a cuddle/flop anytime.