I love taking and looking at pictures.  I still don’t print as many as I should but it’s one of my aspirational goals to print more…

This past year Mum was having a sort out at home and found a box of my own film negatives from high school and university days… “Should I throw them out…?” she asked.  I couldn’t bear to say yes.  Although I knew extracting the pictures would likely not be a straightforward or quick process and would require some effort and expense, when we were in Canada for Christmas I packed them into my case and brought them back with me.

After some research, I invested in a negative scanner of reasonable quality and started the transfer process.  I quickly realised that this was going to be a long process and scanning the negatives is quite boring…

However, the results have been so lovely.  What gems I have found amongst the silver coated plastic… Every evening when I’ve had time to scan another pack has been like a voyage of discovery.  The negatives are in no particular order in the box so I’m never quite sure what’s going to come up.

It’s interesting after all this time what I consider to be the “important” pictures.  It’s not the 10 different angles of Edinburgh Castle that I am keeping for prosperity – it’s the pictures of Sammy our first cat, my Grandpa at the beach or Mum cooking the turkey dinner that are the pictures I value the most.  The people and animals that have influences and shaped me as a person.

It might take me a very long time to finish this project but I can’t wait to see what I’m going to discover along the way.

Watch for more updates here.  But in the meantime, here are a few of my favourites:

I’m cut off on the side but I love that Granny and I are holding hands.

We used to spend a lot of time playing music when we were learning instruments in high school.  This is Janet and Grandpa have a little duet.

Moel Fammau.  Look at the heather.  Is it like that now when we go up in the summer…?  I can’t think that it is.

My first pet Sammy.  And a pumpkin – just for that autumn twist.

Grandpa adopting North American sport!

I remember a snow day where Janet and I had to go out in the morning and bang all the snow off the trees because it was very wet and heavy and branches were breaking.  This is that day.

My Mum and my Aunt June.  Sadly, Aunt June is no longer with us which makes finding this picture even more special.

My Mum, her cousin Jennifer and Aunty Audrey apparently have just taken delivery of some British sweets.

Janet, Grandpa, Aunty Olive and Uncle Ron having a good laugh about something!

My Grandpa used to like taking pictures too.  It’s in the genes…