I had two little human cuties come to visit me in my studio a few weeks ago – Julius and Jessica.

Julius is 3 months old. He’d enjoyed a little sleep in the car on the way over and wasn’t really finished napping when he arrived.  I think he would have preferred to have been left undisturbed and was not impressed about being encouraged to smile immediately on arrival.  Tired little man!  We let him carry on with his nap which gave me time to chat to his Mum and Dad, Nina and Dean.  We had some tea, went for a little walk at Birkenhead Park and then back to the studio where there were a couple of magical smiles.  It was a nice afternoon and we got a result.  Julius’ Mum and Dad have promised to bring Julius back again sometime soon.

There is one picture in particular that I took of Julius which makes me laugh and possibly reflects his feelings on the situation.

Jessica came the next day – she is 4 months old and was smiling at me right from her arrival. I guess her nap hadn’t been disturbed!  Her Mum and Dad, Louise and Trevor were also relaxed and very photogenic – despite me giving them a Liverpool Football club mug for their tea when they are both Manchester United fans!

I really enjoyed meeting these two little cuties and spending time with their families. Have a little look at my family portfolio to see some more examples of the family studio and environmental sessions I’ve shot.