Stella is our fur baby.  I say “ours” but she is, in fact, Paul’s dog…  She was a Christmas present to him from me and she is definitely the best gift I’ve ever given. It was so fun – I managed to keep her a secret from him until I brought her home.  His response when he saw her (rather randomly) was, “Where did you get that from”? like I’d picked her up off the street on the way home or something!  (He was genuinely delighted but just very shocked!)

Stella is a Springer Spaniel so she has two speeds – full power or off.  She is named after the beer and her favourite thing in the world is a tennis ball.  She loves the beach (the stretch from West Kirby to Hilbre Island tops the list) and muddy puddles are better than clean baths.  She prefers people to dogs and has a bed in every room in the house.  I still haven’t figured out how she manages to take up more room sleeping than a grown human does.

Stella is my muse and is very patient with me when I’m taking her picture – and she is always rewarded for her efforts of course!



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