My Approach


Being able to record emotions and details are why I photograph weddings.  That’s why I photograph most of your wedding in a documentary, candid way.  I want to get the connections you have to people on camera and tell the story of your day.  I also capture a few formal family group shots and encourage you to schedule in enough time for us to escape to get a few shots of just the two of you.  

There are so many great wedding photographers to choose from – it’s a bit of a minefield.  I don’t know if this helps of not but when Paul and I were getting married we looked at two things:

  1. We liked the pictures that the photographer took. I’m guessing if you’ve got this far you like the pictures in my portfolio and galleries (Thank-you *blush*). 
  2. We also liked the photographer as a person. That was the harder bit to figure out.  I’ve tried to give you information about me and the way I photograph to give you some insight into who I am.  Have a look and if you think we might be a good fit, please get in touch and we can have a chat about your plans and my approach to the day.  I couldn’t do a hard sell if I tried so I promise no pressure will be applied!

When we got married, we didn’t want a fuss – so we went away just the two of us with our campervan and got married in the smallest church in England tucked away at the bottom of Scafell.  Our photographer and his wife were our witnesses.  We planned our wedding for us – and it suited perfectly.  I would love that to be the case for you too.  



So I get a lot of people who are interested in having their pets photograph taken but they are worried that their fur baby won’t sit still for pictures…

Let me tell you about Stella.  Stella is our springer spaniel and sitting still is something she does not do.  But I call her my muse… My source of inspiration when it comes to photographing animals.  When we are working together, it’s important that I remember what motivates her (tennis balls), what the length of her attention span is (what  measure of time is less than a second…?) and to recognise when she’s had enough.  Every animal has something that motivates them and an attention span that must be respected.

Some of the best pictures I get are the ones that capture an animals energy and the animals personality shines through.  This should be a fun experience for everyone.  If you are relaxed, usually your animal will be too.

If you do book a session, here are some of my thoughts on getting the best from your pet:

  • Bring a plain collar and/or lead on your session. Patterned or collars with club logos etc. can be distracting in your photographs.
  • Consider if you want your pet to be groomed before they have their picture taken or if you prefer the “au natural” look…
  • Bring something along with you that your pet loves – it may be treats that motivates or perhaps you pet is more like Stella and toys win everytime.
  • Dress as if you might be in the picture. Although your goal may be to get a great picture of your pet, this may involve you being in it!
  • Make sure that your pet has had a chance to – how can I put it delicately – relieve themselves before the shoot.  Although accidents during shoots aren’t anything to get too upset about, everyone tends to be more comfortable if this is taken care of ahead of time!

I so enjoy these sessions and I really want you to do the same.  The pressure is on me to get the pictures, not you (or your pet!).


I want your family session to be a fun experience for everyone there.  If you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves, this will really show in the pictures I take.

Some of the best pictures I get are the ones that capture a family just doing what they do allowing your personalities shine through.  If you do book a session, here are some of my thoughts on what to think about before you come:

  • For clothes, solid colours are best as sometimes patterns or strong logos can be a bit distracting.  But more importantly – wear something you are comfortable in!
  • Consider if you want to bring a change in outfits to give another element of variety to your pictures.
  • Some people use a shoot with me as an excuse to get their hair and make up done but this certainly isn’t a requirement!  If you think this might make you feel more amazing than usual, it might be something to think about I guess…?
  • Consider bringing a favourite toy or game for younger (and maybe even older!) family member(s).

At the end of one of these sessions, I feel like I’ve spent time being in the middle of some big family love.  If you would like to book, please get in touch!

“I took my dog Daisy to have a photo session with Val at Flying Canadian Photography. It was so much fun for me, as well as Daisy who enjoyed the assortment of toys and treats that Val brought along. I absolutely love the photos too. Val has really captured Daisy’s personality. I will treasure them forever. I would definitely recommend Flying Canadian Photography!”

Sheilagh, Daisy's Mum



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