I’m really excited about the launch of my new website.  I contacted Lemonade Design a few months back about making some improvements to it and we have been working on it since then…
When I decided I needed something different it was mainly because I didn’t think my old site really showed off my pictures to their best advantage.  In hindsight, my services weren’t particularly clear either.  With a little help with the IT cleverness and design, I’m really happy with how it looks and (equally importantly) functions now.
There is lots of information about me on the site…  My introverted self feels slightly weird about this but I know from experience that choosing a photographer is as much about them and how you would enjoy working with them as it is about their photography.  There are examples of my wedding, pet and family photography.  I also particularly like that Stella has her own dedicated page!
Anyways have a little look around if you get a chance and do let me know what you think!